Executive Board:
Sam Figueroa & Corey Grempka: Co-Presidents
Kim Kidd & Valerie McColgan: Co-Vice Presidents Membership
Kristi Gorski: VP Charity
Rhiannon Bruins: Secretary
Danielle Delise: Treasurer
Rhiannon Dee: Fundraising
Mandie Fulton: Social
Katie Hardy: Marketing
Sayard Bass: Bridges

Marketing and Social Leaders:
Morgan Watts: Sponsorship
Kim Bywater: Newsletter
Manar Beiruty Muasher: Social Chair
Susie Clements, Kristin Kennedy, Carly Mondschean: Mom & Tot
Kelly Mills: Fitness
Kathy Knapp: Book Club
Alissa Peters: Ladies Nights
Christie Zeman: Bunco

DGAN Committees



Calling all social butterflies!  The Social Committee meets monthly to plan a variety of fun and exciting events for DGAN members.


Bridges provides meals and support for DGAN members for when they need it the most - new baby, hardships, and even birthday wishes!


The Fundraising Committee allows DGAN members enjoy perks including reduced event costs, complimentary drinks, and more!


In addition to supporting an annual charity, DGAN members consistently give back to the community through volunteer work and events.  

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